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RGT-01 Vacuum Packaging Analyzer

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Technical Specifications

SpecificationsPackage Test
Test Range
(Residual Gas)
0 ~ 15 mL(standard)
Note: As a default setting, residual oxygen volume can be obtained by multiplying this value by 20.9%. Customization is available for other test range.
(Residual Oxygen)
 ±0.1 mL (Gas volume is 0 - 5 mL)
 ±0.3 mL (Gas volume is 5 - 10 mL)
 ±0.5 mL (Gas volume is 10-15 mL)
Vacuum0 ~ -90 KPa
Accuracy0.25 KPa
Port SizeΦ6 mm
Instrument Dimensions580 mm (L) x 320 mm (W) x 540 mm (H)
PowerAC 220V  50Hz
Net Weight61 kg

Please Note: Labthink is always dedicated to the innovation and improvement of product performance and function. Therefore, technical specifications are subject to change without further notice. Labthink reserves the rights of final interpretation and revision.

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