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Labthink is an international enterprise dedicated to providing business consultation, testing instruments, after-sale service and risk management solutions for packaging, food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, printing, adhesive, automotive, petroleum chemistry, biotechnology, construction, new energy and many other industries. As a customer-focused enterprise, Labthink has provided comprehensive, professional and precise packaging quality control solutions for more than 10,000 scientific research institutions, third-party inspection organizations and QC departments.

Labthink is headquartered in Jinan, China with a representative office in Guangzhou. Labthink has established a comprehensive sales network in more than 40 countries and regions globally. In 2012, Labthink International, Inc. was established in the Greater Boston Region, Massachusetts, the well-known incubator for innovative technologies. Labthink International will provide comprehensive packaging testing solutions for North American customers.

As an enterprise that is pursuing continuous scientific and technical innovation, Labthink adheres to the path of “Hardware plus Service” and “Data plus Information” in its product development. Labthink develops, manufactures and sales world class testing instrument for flexible packaging test and provides integrated packaging safety solution, i.e., U-Lab.

“U-Lab” is a specialized and customized integrated packaging safety solution for food enterprises. Focusing on packaging safety and quality control, “U-Lab” combines testing instruments, testing services and ULab TDC (Test Data Center), which safeguards the packaging safety of food enterprises. A combination of raw packaging material testing, field testing, finished product testing and data management guarantees packaging safety.

As a customer-oriented enterprise, Labthink has a Global Product Customization Center that develops, designs and manufactures specially required products.

Labthink, as a company that pursues quality services, has a distinguished global services team with a well-established service system that can provide customers with professional and prompt pre-sales, mid-sales, and after-sales support in multiple languages, namely, English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic.

Labthink is a technological innovation driven enterprise and has established a sophisticated research and development team as well as 2 large laboratories: Labthink Scientific Research Laboratory and U-Lab Cloud Testing Laboratory. The 2 laboratories cover an area over 500m2, equipped with more than 150 sets of testing instruments total valued at 30,000,000 CNY which are applicable in various testing items including barrier property, strength, heat seal property, hot tack, coefficient of friction, thickness, tear strength, impact resistance, heat resistance, leakage, flex durability, adhesiveness, color, ink abrasion and gas chromatograph, etc. In 2013, Jinan Labthink Packaging Testing Center, based on Labthink laboratories, was officially approved by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and became the only laboratory recognized by CNAS in plastic packaging industry.

Based on the self-developed online product demonstration platform, Labthink exhibits the testing instruments through videos, pictures and documents that can provide customers with abundant information, choices and time. The human-oriented interface effectively facilitates the purchasing process of instruments.

Labthink state-of-the-art laboratory integrates professional packaging testing technologies with advanced applications of the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing technologies, which could provide the customers with outstanding testing experience, i.e., convenient and high-efficiency self-service packaging testing and data analysis.

Labthink, think for you only!